Advantages and disadvantages of oops in java

Advantages and disadvantage of oops in java

In java oops have a very wide level of advantage. Because of this wide level of advantages in today’s world oop is now become the first choice for all the developers and software solution provider companies.

List of some advantages of Oops

  1. Simplicity: oops is very easy to learn and very easy to use. The model of the software objects now becomes real-world objects, so the complexity is now reduced. As well as the program structure of oops is also very clear.
  2. Modularity: Modularity provides to break a large structure into small chunks which make a program to understand very clearly. In oops each object forms a separate entity that works independently and during execution all combined together.
  3. Extensibility: Using oops it is also very easy to add new features without changing the large operating environments. Just changing small parts or by introducing a few new objects and modifying some existing ones we can add new functionality and feature.
  4. Maintainability: Inn Opps it is also very easy to maintain objects separately. using the object we can find the changing location easily and can fix them.
  5. Re-usability: In oop, we can reuse objects in different programs
  6. Redundancy: Opps have one feature known as Inheritance. It saves you from data redundancy. Suppose if you want the same functionality in multiple classes you can take a class for the same functionality that you want in multiple classes. Now using the concept of inheritance using extend keyword just inherits the main class in a subclass.
  7. Data hiding: Encapsulation provides data hidden feature. It protects data of one module from the other modules.
  8. Security: Using data hiding and abstraction we are providing necessary data only it means we are maintaining security.

Let’s see some more advantage and disadvantage of Oops:

Advantages of Object-Oriented Programming

  • Using the concept of inheritance most of the redundant code is eliminated. Also, we can extend the existing class according to requirement.
  • We can Achieve Data hiding to protect the data using data abstraction and encapsulation concept of OOPS. It is very helpful for the developer to build secure programs.
  • This concept helps to partition the work in a small part of the large project.
  • The project which is developed using OOPs can be easily upgraded and scalable.
  • OOPs has a message-passing technique to communicate between objects.
  • It reduced the complexity of the programs.
  • It supports the re-usability of the code that protects us from the redundant code.

The disadvantage of the Object-Oriented Programming

  • The communication system between the objects happens in a complex system so it is difficult to implement.
  • Basically oops involve more lines of code in comparison to procedural programs. Also, oop requires more memory to process at a great speed.

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