Write the difference between java and javascript

difference between java and javascript

Java and JavaScript both are completely different languages. In simple words, we can also say that it is like different sides of a coin but also if we try to find then they have some little similarities.

Both are mostly used language by the programmer and developer. but the way of using is are very different. Java and Javascript both appear in the market at the same time in 1995 and both are very old language. Java is mostly used for software development whereas Javascript is mostly used to develop a web app and browser extension.

Below I have written some main differences between Java and JavaScript are:

1). Java is used for Back End Development whereas JavaScript is used for Front End development:

All the dynamic behavior that you see on any webpage is achieved by JavaScript. We can it as it is responsible for the dynamic behavior of a webpage. JavaScript handles ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), events, cookies, etc. on a website. JavaScript is the heart of a Dynamic User Interface of a Web Page while Java is the best programming language for software engineers and can be used with JSP (Java Server Pages) for handling back end.

2). Java is statically typed language and JavaScript is dynamically typed language:

We can change the data type of variable in JavaScript. Below example will demonstrate it

var string = "hello Javascript";
string = 10;
(string); //OUTPUT IS 10
( ) will now print ‘10′ on the browser.

But we cannot change the datatype of one variable in Java. Java will show the error.

int number = 10;
number = "hello Java"; //ERROR!!!!!!!

3). Both Java and JavaScript are Object-Oriented programming language.

But JavaScript is a considered as Partial Object-Oriented Language while Java is considered as a fully Object Oriented Langauge. We can use JavaScript with or without using objects but without using classes we cannot use Java.

4) Java is a programming language but JavaScript is a scripting language :

Java is a programming language that needs a compiler for building and running the programs. While JavaScript is a scripting language that is manipulated by the browser.

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