HTML Attributes with explanations

HTML Attribute

Html is only a language without which we can’t consider to create any webpage. So to design the webpage, HTML has lots of attributes by using which we can create a complete webpage. We have many attributes in HTML.

Let’s begin with some attributes.

Title Attribute of HTML

This is a very important attribute as well as a very important part of all websites. The value inside this title tag is shown by the search engine to the visitors.

<titile>some text </title>

Some more HTML attributes are also mentioned below

  • <id> -> this is used to specified a particular element
  • <form> -> form attribute is used to create form.
  • <ul> -> ul tag is used to create an unordered list.
  • <ol> -> lol attribute is used to create an ordered list.
  • <name> -> name attribute is used to assign some value to variable.
  • <label> -> label tag is used to show some particular text
  • <image> -> image attribute is used to show image on webpage.
  • <iframe> -> Iframe is mostly used to show some visuals.
  • <hr> -> hr attribute is used to draw horizontal line.
  • <HTML> -> HTML tag is used to define that the page is HTML web page.
  • <head> -> it contains introduction part and additional URL of library and files.

Some More attributes are below :

  • <cols>: cols is used to add new columns nin the HTML table.
  • <rows> : row is used to add the new row in the HTML table.
  • <input> : input tag is used to take the input from users in the HTML form.
  • <caption> : Caption is used to in the image to describe the image by adding some caption below it.
  • <border> : Border is used to give the border for any elements. it is works as a boundry.
  • <pre> : pre is used to show the element as it is written in pre tag.
  • <p> : p tag is used to describe the paragraph on HTML page.

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