What is core java? Explain it

what is core java

Core Java is the simplest part of Java that contains libraries. It is used to develop a desktop-based application, not a web application. In Sun’s term core java is used to refer to Java SE. SE stands for the standard edition and it is a set of related technologies. Related technologies like the Java VM, CORBA, etc.
Core Java or Java SE is very different from Java ME and Java EE.

Basically Core Java is a general term used which is used by Sun Microsystems to describe the standard version of Java (JSE) and now everyone calls Java SE as a core java. Core Java is a basic version of Java that is a foundation for all other editions of Java-like Java ME, Java SE and in addition, also it is a foundation for the set of related technologies such as CORBA, Java VM, etc. Core Java refers to a collection of libraries rather than just the programming language.

We can consider core java as the purest form of Java that is mostly used for the development of simple desktop applications.

In brief, If we define Core Java then it is a part of Java that is also known as J2SE, which contains all the basics of Java-like java principles and package details. Core Java covers all the concepts like OOP concepts, some defined and built-in special operators, data types, wrapper classes, Linked list, Array list, queue, exception handling, threading, and collections, etc. There are also many more.

Core Java is still the most widely used platform because of its robust, platform-independent feature, OOP feature, etc. It is also used to develop portable desktop applications.

Let’s see some differences between Java and Core Java

Basics of Java and Core Java

Java is a complete package of general-purpose programming language whereas core Java is just a part of it. Java is based on the concepts of high-level object-oriented programming language. And also most of the syntax of java is drives from C and C++. On the other hand, Core Java is a part of Java that is used for the development of portable code. Mostly Core Java is used for desktop applications and server environments.

The platform of Java and Core Java

Java supports cross-platform compatibility whether Core Java is a computing platform. Java is designed like it needs fewer implementation dependencies and core java is used to develop desktop-based Java applications and servers.

Application of Java and Core Java

Both have very vast applications which depends upon what we need to implement and what is our problem? As we all know that Java is robust, secure, and platform-independent also core java is the same because basic features are the same for both languages. Using Java we can develop a wide variety of platforms applications that includes mobile phones application, websites, embedded systems application, servers, and server-side logic, etc.

As we also know the Core Java is Java Standard Edition (Java SE). It is the basic foundation of the Java platform that is used to develop enterprise applications for both desktops and servers.

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