What is the Application of oops?

application of oops

Application of OOP (Object Oriented Programming Language)

Below I have mentioned various applications of OOPs:

Client-Server Systems

Object-oriented Programming is used widely in the design of Client-Server Systems. This Client-Server provides the IT infrastructure and helps to create object-oriented Client-Server Internet (OCSI) applications. Infrastructure may be operating systems, our networks, and external & internal hardware. OSCI is a combination of three major technologies:

  • The Client Server
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • The Internet

Object-Oriented Databases

Object-Oriented Databases also called Object Database Management Systems (ODBMS). These databases are a little bit difference between relational database, the difference is that Object-Oriented Databases stores objects instead of data like real numbers and integers. Objects consist of Attributes and Methods.

Attributes: Attributes can be any data. This attribute defines the traits of an object. Data can be real numbers or simple integers or it can be a reference to a complex object.

Methods: Method is also known as a function that contains some logic.

Real-Time System

OOPs is very useful in the design of real-time systems. Real-Time system is very complex coz all task have to perform sudden if happen.OOPs is able to handle those complexities.

Simulation And Modelling System

It is very difficult to model complex systems. These systems are prevalent in medical fields or it may be from other areas of natural science. In natural science, these fields are like ecology, zoology, and agronomic systems. To Simulate such type of complex system, it required modeling and understanding interactions explicitly. Object-oriented Programming provides the solution and approach to solve such type of complex modeling systems.

Office Automation Systems

There is the biggest hand of oops to make an office automation system. This may include formal and informal both types of electronic systems. Some examples of office automation systems are Email, Word processing, Web calendars, and Desktop publishing.

AI Expert Systems

Opp also helps to design an AI system. These AI applications are developed to solve complex problems in which levels are far beyond the reach of a human brain.

Some characteristics of AI expert systems are Reliable, Highly responsive, Understandable, and High-performance.

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