Module 1: Introduction to Java 8

  • Overview of Java 8 features and improvements
  • Java 8 vs. earlier versions
  • Setting up Java 8 development environment

Module 2: Lambda Expressions

  • Introduction to functional programming
  • What are lambda expressions?
  • Lambda syntax and examples
  • Functional interfaces: Predicate, Consumer, Function, Supplier
  • Method references and constructor references

Module 3: Streams and Collections

  • Introduction to Streams
  • Creating Streams: stream(), parallelStream()
  • Intermediate and terminal operations
  • Filter, map, flatMap, forEach, reduce
  • Stream API vs. traditional loops
  • Stream performance and parallel processing

Module 4: Default Methods and Interfaces

  • Introduction to default methods
  • Need for default methods
  • Creating default methods in interfaces
  • Overriding default methods
  • Multiple inheritance problem and interfaces

Module 5: Optional Class

  • Handling null values with Optional
  • Creating and using Optional objects
  • Common Optional methods: isPresent(), ifPresent(), orElse(), etc.
  • Best practices for using Optional

Module 6: New Date and Time API

  • Problems with the old Date and Calendar classes
  • Introduction to java.time package
  • LocalDate, LocalTime, LocalDateTime
  • Periods and Durations
  • Formatting and parsing dates

Module 7: Functional Interfaces and Method References

  • Functional interfaces in Java 8
  • java.util.function package
  • Examples of functional interfaces: Predicate, Function, Consumer, Supplier
  • Method references: static methods, instance methods, constructors

Module 8: Default and Static Methods in Interfaces

  • Default methods: introduction and use cases
  • Overriding default methods
  • Static methods in interfaces
  • Interface evolution and backward compatibility

Module 9: Java 8 and Collections

  • forEach() method for Iterable
  • Map enhancements: forEach(), computeIfAbsent(), computeIfPresent(), merge()
  • List and Set enhancements

Module 10: Concurrency Enhancements

  • Introduction to CompletableFuture
  • Asynchronous programming with CompletableFuture
  • Combining CompletableFutures: thenCombine(), thenCompose()
  • Exception handling with CompletableFutures

Module 11: New JVM Features

  • PermGen space vs. Metaspace
  • String intern() changes
  • JEPs (Java Enhancement Proposals) related to Java 8

Module 12: Summary and Best Practices

  • Recap of Java 8 features
  • Best practices for utilizing Java 8 features
  • Upgrade considerations and compatibility issues
  • Looking ahead: Future of Java development