1. Introduction to C Programming

2. Basic Concepts

3. Arrays and Strings

  • Introduction to Arrays in C
  • Declaring and Initializing Arrays in C
  • Array Manipulation and Accessing Elements in C
  • Multidimensional Arrays in C
  • Introduction to Strings in C
  • String in C
  • String Manipulation Functions in C
  • String Handling Techniques in C

4. Pointers and Memory Management

  • Understanding Pointers in C
  • Pointer Arithmetic in C
  • Pointers and Arrays in C
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation (malloc, calloc, realloc, free)
  • Memory Management Techniques in C

5. Structures and Unions

6. File Handling

  • File concepts and operations in C
  • Opening and closing files in C
  • Reading and writing files in C
  • Random access to files in C
  • Error handling and file operations in C

7. Advanced Topics

  • Preprocessor Directives in C
  • Bit Manipulation in C
  • Enumerations in C
  • Typecasting in C
  • Recursion Command-line Arguments in C
  • Error Handling and Exceptions in C
  • Advanced Debugging Techniques in C
  • Storage Class in C

8. Best Practices and Tips

  • Code organization and modularization in C
  • Naming Conventions and coding style in C
  • Documentation and comments in C
  • Code optimization techniques in C
  • Common Pitfalls and Mistakes to Avoid in C

9. Conclusion

  • Recap of key concepts
  • Resources for further learning
  • Encouragement to practice and explore C programming