Module 1: Introduction to Spring Boot

  • What is Spring Boot?
  • Benefits of using Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot vs. Spring Framework
  • Setting up Spring Boot development environment

Module 2: Getting Started with Spring Boot

  • Creating a new Spring Boot project
  • Project structure and dependencies
  • Running a Spring Boot application
  • Spring Boot’s embedded web server

Module 3: Spring Boot Configuration

  • Application properties and YAML configuration
  • Profile-specific configuration
  • Logging configuration
  • Customizing Spring Boot’s behavior

Module 4: Building RESTful APIs

  • Introduction to RESTful architecture
  • Creating REST controllers
  • Request mappings and HTTP methods
  • Handling request parameters and path variables
  • Sending JSON responses
  • Error handling and exception mapping

Module 5: Data Access with Spring Boot

  • Introduction to Spring Data
  • JPA and Hibernate integration
  • Creating JPA entities and repositories
  • Query methods and custom queries
  • Database initialization and migration

Module 6: Thymeleaf Templating

  • Introduction to Thymeleaf
  • Integrating Thymeleaf with Spring Boot
  • Thymeleaf expressions and basic templates
  • Dynamic HTML generation with Thymeleaf

Module 7: Spring Boot Security

  • Introduction to Spring Security
  • Securing REST endpoints and pages
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Custom user authentication and roles

Module 8: Spring Boot Testing

  • Unit testing with JUnit and Mockito
  • Testing Spring Boot applications
  • Integration testing with TestRestTemplate
  • MockMvc for testing controllers

Module 9: Spring Boot and Frontend Technologies

  • Serving static content
  • Integrating with frontend frameworks (Angular, React, Vue.js)
  • Consuming REST APIs from frontend

Module 10: Spring Boot Actuator and Monitoring

  • Introduction to Spring Boot Actuator
  • Exposing application metrics and health indicators
  • Customizing and securing actuator endpoints
  • Monitoring and management of Spring Boot applications

Module 11: Spring Boot and Docker

  • Containerization with Docker
  • Dockerizing a Spring Boot application
  • Deploying Spring Boot app with Docker

Module 12: Spring Boot and Microservices

  • Introduction to microservices architecture
  • Building microservices with Spring Boot
  • Service discovery with Eureka
  • Load balancing with Ribbon
  • Circuit Breaker pattern with Hystrix

Module 13: Spring Boot and Security Best Practices

  • Securing REST APIs
  • Implementing JWT (JSON Web Tokens) for authentication
  • Preventing common security vulnerabilities

Module 14: Spring Boot Deployment and Productionization

  • Packaging Spring Boot applications
  • Deploying to cloud platforms (e.g., Heroku, AWS, Azure)
  • Application performance and monitoring in production

Module 15: Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) with Spring Boot

  • Automating builds with tools like Jenkins or Travis CI
  • Setting up CI/CD pipelines for Spring Boot apps

Module 16: Future Trends and Advanced Topics

  • Reactive programming with Spring WebFlux
  • Spring Boot and GraphQL
  • Exploring Spring Boot starters and extensions